Welcome to the home of Bête Noire, a World of Warcraft Alliance guild on the EU server Lightbringer.

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About us

We are one of the oldest and longest surviving guilds on Lightbringer, established way back yonder in 2006 to play whack a mole with the baddies of Azeroth, warping through a funky green portal to some placed called Outland, which makes little sense since there's no "Inland", but we digress; once we'd facepunched all the baddies in Spacegoatworld, we hopped on a boat to the Norf to have a cuppa with Arthas, turns out, he wasn't particularly hospitable. His manners were so bad his Pops beat him from the great beyond.

And now, to top things off, as if we hadn't done enough, there's a bloody dragon flying about trying to make Azeroth resemble a bucket of the Colonel's finest... seriously, that Deathwing fella needs a jolly good talking to!

Again, we're digressing. The Dark Beast is a 10 man raiding guild, a casual raiding guild, the only thing hardcore about us is our whimsical eccentricity. We kill bosses, we put on our serious pants when we do it, but we don't do all that hardcore stuff, like shout at each other, wake up on our keyboards, and so on, ad absurdum (well, OK, maybe some of us do but such are foibles).

Want to join us? Biscuits are in the barrel, and there's some tea in the pot

We're often recruiting so check out the Lightbringer forums, or simply pop inside and see if your class is on the list ^.^

Epic Lightbringer recruitment post is here.


"The pain is only beginning..." - Reliquary of Souls

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