Bête Noire raid/DKP rules - read before applying

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Bête Noire raid/DKP rules - read before applying

Postby betenoire » 18 Jun 2008 14:31

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Re: Bête Noire raid/DKP rules - read before applying

Postby Tenarae » 31 Aug 2011 08:34

Please note: these DKP rules supercede the ones above and elsewhere on the site

Dragon Kill Points System

- Zero Sum DKP
- Items have set values. Pricing is based on the Item level
- You can go negative in this system and still receive loot if you have the highest DKP.
- Trial/Learning/Attempt DKP will be given at the discretion of the raid leaders.
- Values for items purchased will be distributed amongst the raid

A. Earning

1) Every new player starts with a one-time 10 points starter DKP

2) Through loot drops: (sum of points spent on drops / number of raid members in attendance). In essence, you earn points because others spend them

3) For a non-farm boss kill 10 DKP is awarded to each raid member (20 DKP if it is a first kill)

4) If we spend the night in a wipefest (or, as it is sometimes known, "learning"), 5 DKP will be awarded to each raid member.

5) If a raid is cancelled before it even started, the raid attendees (as in, online and ready to go, not signed up and missing, and the cause of a cancellation) get 10 DKP each.

B. Spending

1) When only one person needs it, they get the item, and they pay in full DKP

2) When several people need they say so in chat and
- whoever has the highest DKP points wins and gets it, and pays in full DKP
- when a number of characters have the same number of DKP, we decide by a /roll, and the winner pays in DKP

3) If no one wants a given item, it is disenchanted and the resulting materials are put in the guild bank

4) For offspec items, you pay either
a) in 50% DKP, or
b) with two appropriate crystals for the expansion of choice (buy them at AH or from one's own personal stash), or
c) with a gold value that is some function of the item level (this value is set appropriately at each new tier)

5) BoE and crafting materials from Raids:
a) BoE items and crafting materials are placed in that guild bank if no one in the raid is interested.
b) If you are interested in either, you should post in forums (you will be charged the equivalent DKP values)

C. Penalties

* No one is above taking penalties, not even the council or the guild leader

1) Not showing up at all for a raid you have signed for without letting the officers know if you had a problem, or forgetting to unsign, is a -30 DKP penalty.

2) Being late for a raid without letting an officer know will give you up to a -25 DKP penalty, depending on severity.

3) Going AFK during the raid without letting the RL know, is a -15 DKP penalty. Leaving a raid in the middle of a fight is liable to a demotion or guild kick

5) Ignoring the RL and tactics on purpose will give you a -15 DKP penalty. If you persist in doing so, you will be removed from the raid.

6) Raid disruptions and outbursts will not be tolerated, if you have any disagreements, or wish to say something, /whisper the raidleader, having one person acting like a douche over TS or in RA messes with other’s morale.

All penalties are at the raid leader's discretion; should you have any disagreements, /w the RL.

Required addons for the master looter and raid leaders

http://www.mlmods.net/en-GB/downloads/ml_raidtracker. The user manual and policy are on the forum.
usage : in-game, type /rt : right-click your raid, select your DKP string and paste it in the CTRT Import screen on the admin site. Only import guild members. Make sure that your options are set correctly : do /rt o, check that the slider at the bottom is at the left.
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Re: Bête Noire raid/DKP rules - read before applying

Postby Tenarae » 31 Aug 2011 08:37

Please note: these raid rules supersede the ones above and elsewhere on the site

A. Raid Planning :

1 - Raids will generally be put at least 2 days beforehand on the planner. The raid leaders and council are responsible for making up the raid schedule.

Out-of-guild raiding on DKP raids is forbidden, unless the guild has already cleared the content that week, and will lead to warnings and/or penalties : Only raid leaders and council members are allowed to organise and lead raids, unless express permission has been given otherwise. Raids organised by members without council or raid leader participation will result in raids without DKP administration, unless an RL has advised otherwise.

1 - If you sign up for a raid, you are expected to show up, even if you are a backup. The duration of the raid will be posted on raid notes. If for any reason you will arrive late, have to be AFK, or must leave early, inform an officer in advance. If you fail to inform an officer (in-game or on the forum), you will get a warning and a -1 to -15 DKP penalty, depending on severity.

2 - All members who have signed up for a raid should check the raid planner before the invites are due to start to see if they have been approved for the raid. Signing up for a raid doesn’t necessarily mean that you get approved for the raid. Officers will decide who is in and who is not. We try to make a fair system based on previous attendance and want to give all members a fair chance to participate.

B. Raid Preparation

1. Everyone should start coming prepared for raids with all the appropriate add-ons, TS working and reagents for buffs plus consumables!

That means you should always:

a - Read the addon section to see which addons you should have downloaded BEFORE the raid.

b - Log in TS and be at the summoning stone minimal 15 minutes before the start of the raid. So when we raid at 21.00 be there at 20.45. We don't want to wait on people. If you want to come, be there or be square.

c - Read which tactics apply for every boss. Take a look at Boss Tactics. Although we have TS, it is not being made to constantly explain tactics to raid members. You all should have read the mentioned website so you all know of what bosses can do and what tactics apply. Using DBM/Bigwigs you get messages and timers when bosses are gonna use some specific ability. So you will never be surprised.

d - Bring flasks, buff-food (from cooking), healingpots and/or manapots whatever you need to buff yourself and the raid. While Cauldrons and Feasts are available, you should endeavour to contribute.

e - Buff other raid members, if you are a class able of buffing (before raid starts and after a wipe...). People should not constantly have to ask for buffs. Negotiate between your fellow class members who does which group or buff (pallies: Kings/Salv/others; mages: which group for intellect; priests: who does spirit/fort/POSP, that sort of thing).

C. Raid behaviour :

1. - Listen to the raid leader! It becomes really frustrating when people are not paying attention and often creates a bad atmosphere. The raid leader is there to lead the raid - Please be respectful.

2. If you disagree with any tactics the RL is giving, or can think of improvements, please /w the raid leader offering your suggestions - but do not expect them to be used. It's a lot calmer for the raid if alternative suggestions are voiced through /w. don't interrupt the RL when he's explaining what to do in /ra.

3. Swapping : if you have a 'useful' alt for a raid you may be asked to use it or swap to it for a certain part by the raid. But don't character swap during raids without an officer's permission or you will be giving a warning.

4. All raids have a 15 minute invite period before hand. We expect all raiders to come to each raid with their required reagents and be outside the instance 15 minutes before the raid begins - Ready for buffs, conjured food/water and health stones to be distributed ready to start the raid on time.

6. - Please do not AFK during raids without informing the Raid Leader. Provide an estimated time that you'll be AFK. We do prefer if you did not go AFK at all. You will get replaced after 10 minutes. Leaving a raid in the middle of a fight, and a guild kick might follow you

7. - Do not become abusive, or aggressive during raids. Mistakes are often made for various reasons. Some members will be new to raiding and require some guidance. Instead of becoming frustrated or making jokes at their expense.. Encourage them, and answer their questions.

8. - There is no penalty for accidental disconnections. However, you may be replaced after 10 minutes or so.

9. - Do not talk in /ra during loot unless you're bidding. Ever. You will have about 10-15 seconds to place bids, so please know what drops you want/need.

10. If you'll have to leave before the end of the raid (0000 ST), please tell the raid leader before the raid starts, so that arrangements can be made to replace you when you have to go.

11. - Constantly under performing or screwing up without a willingness to fix the problem might lead to a raid kick, and not getting confirmed for future raids until the problem is solved. If nine others are really trying but one isn't, it's not fair on the other nine!
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