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Class openings - Cataclysm

Postby Tenarae » 03 Sep 2007 15:47


Please check the recruitment status on the main portal page, as this topic is largely deprecated now.

Recruitment priority is 'low' for all classes. We don't strictly 'need' anyone right now save to fill the odd raid spot for now, however we are looking to get some great players in ready for the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

If you believe you're right for us, and we're right for you, go ahead and apply :>

Healers: Closed (0)
Restoration Shaman: 0
Restoration Druids: 0
Holy Paladins : 0
Holy Priests: 0

Tanks: Closed (0)
Feral Druids: 0
Protection Paladins: 0
Protection Warriors : 0

DPS: Closed (0)
Shaman: 0
Mages: 0
Warlocks: 0
Rogues: 0
Priests: 0
Druids: 0
Hunters: 0
Warriors: 0
Paladins: 0

A note on 'friends and family': if you're a family member of a guildie then you can apply as a 'quester' sort of person. There's no real level restriction here but the assumption is you're not applying as a raider, so don't expect to be stomping all over Zul'Aman ten minutes after you hit 70 :>
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Re: Recruitment status

Postby Sajaki » 11 Dec 2007 22:41

theres also an epic thread on the LB forum here : :D
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