Guild Requirements and standards - Read before applying

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Guild Requirements and standards - Read before applying

Postby Tenarae » 03 Sep 2007 15:44

About us

- we are a mature and responsible guild
- we won't tolerate persistent bad manners or language in guild chat
- we realise it is only a game
- we like to have fun
- when we raid, a good attitude is more important than progress. We try to fit everyone in. If there's not a spot for someone in a raid, we encourage them to form a group to run a heroic in the meantime.
- we don't beg or steal. Sometimes we borrow but we always pay back with interest ^^
- we don't headhunt other guild's members
- our raid times are Monday-Thursday 2100- 0000. However we sometimes start or finish earlier according to raid progress. Weekends are afk times for most of us.

About you

- you are mature, tolerant and responsible
- you know your class well
- when you're in the game, you are effectively an ambassador of your guild, so you behave well to other people and ensure you make a good impression on other people
- you accept that the Raidleader, Officer, Guild Leader's word is final. Don't argue with the ref!
- you like to raise concerns with an officer before getting upset and acknowledge that guild matters are not for the chat channels of WoW; if you ignore this, you can be reviewed by an officer on whether you will stay in the guild or not.
- you're in for the long haul, you're not a guildhopper.
- you're sure about wanting to play this game. If you are accepted, the guild as a whole will invest time in gearing you up, and getting you ready for the next instance.
- you have read and agreed with the Raid and DKP rules.
- have a good connection to the WoW servers.
- speak, write and understand English.

About your Character

- Minimum Level 85 (for potential raiders; casual applications excepted).
- Make the most of your class. Do the damage/healing/tanking you should, and look for ways to do better.
- Maintain the costs of raiding, and wiping.
- Have PvE as your main priority.

Some technical aspects

Upon acceptance to the guild, your Forum access will be upgraded giving you access to the guild-only forums, and you will get a DKP account. please make a character on phpRaider so you can sign up for raids.

These are the required add-ons for raiding with Bête Noire :
- Omen Threat Meter (latest patch)
- Deadly Boss Mods :
- TeamSpeak 3 Client : (we recommended downloading the 32-bit version, even if you have a 64-bit operating system as people have been experiencing issues with this.)
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