Hibou Mage 90

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Hibou Mage 90

Postby Application » 20 Jun 2013 12:36

Is this a social or raiding application? Social

Character Name Hibou

Class Mage

Level (1-90) 90

What is your main role and spec and why did you choose this? Fire DPS because it was doing more damage than my preferred Arcane, although it may turn out I wasn't shooting straight.

How have you chosen to itemise (gem, enchant) your gear and why? I use Mr. Robot & WoW Heroes to itemise my gear (because all the theory crafting just confuses me).

What is your first profession and level? Enchanting - 600

What is your second profession and level? Tailoring - 600

Do you have any alts and if you do who are they? Katrior is my only Alt at present - Lvl 81 Warrior, still hasn't managed to tank anything :( even hiding behind plate armour doesn't give one enough courage) :(

What is your total playtime for your main and alts? (To get this log on your character and do /played for each character.) Filling this in at work, so I can't look, but it must be years (feels like it) I was logged in during the 4th Anniversary :o (Oh Crikey!!!)

Which other guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them? Wheelchair Warriors - Defunct
Bête Noire - Needed a break from WoW

Why did you choose Bête Noire? Do you know anyone in the guild? Old (and some not so old) friends, hoping they'll take me back ;)
I thought this was the proper way to re-apply, so as not to put undue pressure on any individuals (after all this is supposed to be relaxing time).

Why do you think you will fit in with our guild, and what can you bring to us? I can bring you... (in)sanity, sarcasm, innuendo & a calming mature presence (especially when I'm asleep).

Do you have any goals with the game? In game goals are constantly in a state of flux. At the moment, I'm happy rep. grinding (only Kirin Tor & Nat Pagel to finish in Pandaria), however, I would like to see more and improve my gear (with that comes GREATER POWER MWAHAHAHA!!!)

Do you have any raid experience? If yes, what instances and what role did you play? DPS Only - Most raiding experience comes from BN, I remember being kept alive during the successful 'Undying' Naxxramus run, because I couldn't work out the Positive & Negative charges from Thaddius :o (someone had to make it a bit of a challenge :) ) and many successful & unsuccessful Lich King runs.

What keys and attunements? (Please answer even if its no longer an instance requirement.) I did have all keys before they were removed

What days/times do you play? When can you Raid? Currently playing most evenings & some weekend time, not putting pressure on myself to have to log on.

Tell us a bit about yourself I'm an ageing Heavy Metal fan (late 70's onwards - AC/DC, Iron maiden, Def Leppard, Whitesnake etc...), still in West Sussex. interests include: computing, sport (cricket being the favourite), most music genres (don't ask me about opera though).

How old are you? 46

Re: Hibou Mage 90

Postby Tenarae » 21 Jun 2013 08:08

Hey Hibs :D

Are you really that much of a metal fan? If so, why on earth didn't you submit your application at two!...miiiinutes to miiiiiiiiidnight? ;>

Thanks for the application - a great read too, and very considerate :) I've found this new expansion to be pretty fine myself. Good PvE content for sure; not checked out the PvP in any earnest yet mind, but that would just be a bonus.

There's a handful of people who regularly hit LFR too so that's something I'm sure you can come along to. They're pretty good for a blast now and again! 5-man action and dungeon levelling ahoy too.

Well, I'm sure there's a place for you back here when you want to pop back :} give me a shout.

Take care,

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Re: Hibou Mage 90

Postby Hibou » 21 Jun 2013 09:21

Thanks Ten 8-O
I'd forgotten how lonely the game can be :cry:

I'm no longer a Night Hawk & Charlotte the Harlot would probably have me Run(ning) to the Hills at that time of day :oops:
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