Bicycle Paladin 75

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Bicycle Paladin 75

Postby Application » 07 Jul 2013 11:29

Is this a social or raiding application? Social

Character Name Bicycle

Class Paladin

Level (1-90) 75

What is your main role and spec and why did you choose this? level 77
retri/prot: for leveling and dungeons

How have you chosen to itemise (gem, enchant) your gear and why?

What is your first profession and level? Enchanting 268

What is your second profession and level? Jewelcrafting 98

Do you have any alts and if you do who are they? 4 between 28-71.
a level 28 rogue
a level ~35 druid
a level 47 hunter
a level 71 warrior

What is your total playtime for your main and alts? (To get this log on your character and do /played for each character.) 65 + 25 + etc.
Must be around 150 for all the char's i've created

Which other guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them? Recently: Quick, The Lightbringers
Pre-WotLK: Whoops, The Lightbringers(?)
I'm looking for a social and half on half mature guild with char's approx. my level, or raiding for the future.
I joined pre-WotLK to raid, and joined the other because it was renewed.

Why did you choose Bête Noire? Do you know anyone in the guild? I remember your guilds name from 5 years ago, and think it sounds unique and well

Why do you think you will fit in with our guild, and what can you bring to us? I am a little concerned about the guilds raiding time, but i can handle it, I can offer a warrior for tanking/dps, although I'd rather have my paladin as prot/heal, I've raided with my warrior before.

Do you have any goals with the game? Have fun, get some good gear, and try out the new expansions.

Do you have any raid experience? If yes, what instances and what role did you play? lvl 70 protection warrior, tank

What keys and attunements? (Please answer even if its no longer an instance requirement.) q and e bound to main spells/attacks

What days/times do you play? When can you Raid? this month, ~everyday, anytime.
next month, everyday or every other day playing between 4-00.00.
I'd believe I'll turn off the game at 11 but why not push it another hour?

Tell us a bit about yourself I'm 20 years old, studying to get into the danish version of college.
I'm male, and abit of a mamas boy.

How old are you? 20

Re: Bicycle Paladin 75

Postby Tenarae » 07 Jul 2013 22:56

Hi Bicycle,

Thanks for the application. We should probably clear up that we're not officially raiding in any capacity beyond a bit of grouping up for RF and world bosses. That said, if there is enough interest and bodies in raiding again, that can always happen!

Sounds like if you played as a prot at 70 / TBC you should easily be able to handle any content these days. A few interesting mechanics in the new instances, mind, but they're not as brutal as a timed Shattered Halls heroic run :P

Any questions for us? If you want to chat further, feel free to register an account on here or drop someone a /w in-game :)

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