Valandil Paladin 90

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Valandil Paladin 90

Postby Application » 10 Sep 2014 19:37

Is this a social or raiding application? Raiding

Character Name Valandil

Class Paladin

Level (1-90) 90

What is your main role and spec and why did you choose this? Originally played Prot till about level 60. before random dungeon tool when dungeons where a treat, then swapped to Ret till level 85. Chose protection because I enjoyed tanking, especially as paladin, then swapped to Ret to try it and enjoyed it, but some class changes ruined what I liked about Ret so decided to swap back to Prot after not playing this toon through cata or pandaria and loving it.

How have you chosen to itemise (gem, enchant) your gear and why? I literally just dinged 90 on this toon on Sunday, but its going to be my main in MOP, but I gem for what stats my toon needs in the right slots, and enchant usually just best I can do.

What is your first profession and level? Mining 600

What is your second profession and level? Enchanting 600

Do you have any alts and if you do who are they? 90 ally on LB
Seedism - Shammy

What is your total playtime for your main and alts? (To get this log on your character and do /played for each character.) Valandil - 48 Days, 20 hours, 22 minutes
Seedism - 22 days, 19 hours, 35 minutes

Which other guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them? Mostly been in a guild me and my RL friends made <U mad brahs> and <Pumping Ironforge> All left to join guilds for raiding etc. Then was in <Legion of Valor< Whom I raided with then they changed over to horde on a different server, wasn't playing much at the time so didn't follow.

Why did you choose Bête Noire? Do you know anyone in the guild? I remember doing a dungeon with a couple of members like 2 years ago? used to see the name alot and liked it, did speak to the guys in the dungeon about joining but didn't get round to filling and application because I was on and off Warcraft at the time so didn't want to join just to possibly be inactive.

Why do you think you will fit in with our guild, and what can you bring to us? Well without knowing anyone I don't have an answer about fitting, but I'm a friendly person whos helpful and just up for a giggle.

Being honest I wont bring to you an instant off the bat flawless tank or healer, but won't be long till that will be true given the right group of people to play with, and one thing I enjoy doing is boosting people on my pally have done it alot, so will be useful for people leveling alts more than happy to do it whenever i'm online.

Do you have any goals with the game? Just have fun ideally and meet a good group of guildies to have that with. I play WoW because since the age of 4 I played Warcraft Orcs and Humans and every subsequent Warcraft game so my main goal is just to keep that ball rolling and see where it takes me.

But my goal for WOD is to tank or heal (or both) with my paladin through dungeons with some friendly guildies and once raiding comes will be confident to make that step.

Do you have any raid experience? If yes, what instances and what role did you play? ICC pugs 10/25 Ret paladin, never got past fester I dont think but was a fun raid for retadins.

Then with Legion of Valor when was using my Shammy as my main they wanted a healer, which I hadn't done since level 50ish with no addons, So they helped me out to learn stuff and was a healer in the 10 man DS team, which was fun. I only got back into raiding when DS was being ran.

What keys and attunements? (Please answer even if its no longer an instance requirement.) Don't think I have any, didn't start raiding till WOTLK.

What days/times do you play? When can you Raid? Generally speaking 6pm-10pm during the week, and anytime over weekends.

Tell us a bit about yourself My names Stu, 24 from England (East Midlands), Been playing the Warcraft game series since I was 4 (being 4 I mostly watched my dad play and he would let me play a certain win battle lol) I make teak boat decking as a job, is ok i ok as working can be! When I'm not working, playing fifa with my boys or out stumbling around a city on a night out I'm generally geeking it up playing games or watching Anime. Won't bore you with much more but thats me in a nutshell, nice to meet you!

How old are you? 24

Re: Valandil Paladin 90

Postby Tenarae » 22 Sep 2014 08:34

Hi Valandil,

Many thanks for your application - nicely filled out too! On the raiding front we're pretty much idle until at least we've built up numbers after the new expansion's released - assuming we do that again; LFR has been sufficing for most in the meantime.

Sorry that it's taken a while for us to get back to you. I'm presuming that you've already started playing elsewhere! So, of course, you're welcome to join, but I expect that for a while it'll be quiet over here.

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