Foriz Druid 90

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Foriz Druid 90

Postby Application » 22 Apr 2015 13:35

Is this a social or raiding application? Social

Character Name Foriz

Class Druid

Level (1-90) 90

What is your main role and spec and why did you choose this? 100 ^^ :) Resto druid. Had a holy priest and paladin in wotlk but account got hacked and stopped playing

How have you chosen to itemise (gem, enchant) your gear and why? Follow recomended builds from wow head etc

What is your first profession and level? enchanting 100ish

What is your second profession and level? jewelcrafting 100ish

Do you have any alts and if you do who are they? Fluflyblu holy/prot paladin 660 ilevel engineer/blacksmith. Enjoy both healing classes equally
58 hunter called Slevs. Love him :)

What is your total playtime for your main and alts? (To get this log on your character and do /played for each character.) 10days druid. Same on pala

Which other guilds have you been in, and why did you leave them? Only one since wotlk. Grind Inc. Left because they dont raid, great guys tho

Why did you choose Bête Noire? Do you know anyone in the guild? Affraid not. Just seen ur notice thru ingame guild search

Why do you think you will fit in with our guild, and what can you bring to us? Committed player. Happy to attend non raid events. Hopfully id bring my mistweaver monk freind (age27 too)

Do you have any goals with the game? Really just have fun. Have xbox one but no1 talks and the games r all the same. When i play WoW, its like am in it :)

Do you have any raid experience? If yes, what instances and what role did you play? Mostly always healer but have and can tank. Cleared more on my paladin, but am sure my druid has cleared atleats HM HC maybe not last boss. Id be hoping to become a raider once my ilvl is high enough

What keys and attunements? (Please answer even if its no longer an instance requirement.) Unsure

What days/times do you play? When can you Raid? Most nights, have 2 kids and a mrs. So in most nights. I love the ingame raid signup system

Tell us a bit about yourself Love games. Love my powertools too, so naturally i spend some time in the garden. But no fear il be saving for a decent lappy so i can play there too :)

How old are you? 27

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